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Marketing is important for businesses or people and it happens everyday. Whether through daily interactions or product development, it has become something intrinsic to everyday life. We encounter marketing in a lot of forms and across different platforms. One example is when we go on a blind date. We treat it as a military exercise. We check the location. We get information on the possible target. We do our research. And come to a decision on the clothes, make-up, perfume, possible topic for conversation, etc. Then comes the plan of attack. How we should walk, talk, “…should we just wing it..??” All of these is marketing. You are presenting yourself as a product. We want to create an image that your possible date would like given all the information you had collected.
Marketing is almost like that scenario. However, your chances of giving the right impression and the right image the more precise your information gets. You should know your target market. Once you know your target you can create the right marketing platform to use to get the interest and get them to act on it.